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K. New Directions in Preeclampsia

20th Annual NPWH Premier Women's Healthcare Conference

1.25 CE (NCC Code 2B)

Eleni Tsigas, BA

Preeclampsia and related hypertensive disorders affect up to 10% of all pregnancies, are a leading contributor to the rising rate of maternal mortality in this country, and a major cause of prematurity. In recent years, greater attention has been placed on improving diagnosis and care for these women and their babies. This session will focus on new directions in preeclampsia: definition, diagnosis and management, including updates based on 2013 ACOG guidelines, 2011 AHA guidelines for heart disease, guidance from United States Preventative Services Task Force and comprehensive management toolkits from California (CMQCC) and Florida (FPQC). Real life patient stories add important context to the new guidance to improve maternal and infant outcomes.