Collaboration in Practice: Guiding Principles for an Equitable Approach to Team Based Care

19th Annual NPWH Premier Women's Healthcare Conference

0.8 CE (NCC Code 5)

John C. Jennings, MD

Susan Kendig, JD, WHNP-BC, FAANP

Rapid changes in the health care workforce, clinical practice models, and financial reimbursement strategies place are challenging health care providers to evaluate how current structures fit into our evolving health care system. ACOG’s President, in 2014, convened an interdisciplinary task force charged with exploring mechanisms and recommendations for implementation of equitable team-based models of care. The resulting Collaboration in Practice: Implementing Team-Based Care document (see the Executive Summary published in this journal) represents a paradigm for health care service delivery in which the patient is an integral participant, all members are valued equally, all providers are supported in practicing to the full extent of their education, certification and experience, and accept accountability for their practice. This presentation is designed to provide an overview of this document and implication for clinical practice.