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Station 5: Sexual Health Counseling and Communication Skill Building: Ask-Tell-Ask

NPWH/ISSWSH Women's Sexual Health Course for NPs (16-03)


Rose Hartzell-Cushanick, PhD, EdS, CHES, LMFT

• Implement the patient-centered, collaborative motivational interviewing technique, Ask-Tell-Ask,
in sexual problem counseling for female sexual dysfunction

Session Description
Half of all patients leave the clinician’s office confused about their diagnosis, recommendations,
medication instructions, and need for follow-up. The Ask-Tell-Ask allows the clinician to ascertain how
much or how little a patient knows about their condition (the first ASK) in order to fine tune the
information they then give a patient (TELL). Then the clinician asks the patient to repeat what they heard
to insure the patient leaves with the correct information (second ASK).


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