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19th Annual NPWH Premier Women's Healthcare Conference

19th Annual NPWH Premier Women's Healthcare Conference

This curriculum contains the recorded sessions from the 19th Annual NPWH Conference, September 28 - October 1, 2016, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Through the links below, you can purchase individual sessions (which include CE credit) or the entire conference (which does not include CE credit). If you choose to purchase the entire conference, you will only be able to view all of the sessions; to receive CE credit for any of the sessions, you will need to purchase the post-test for that session for an additional fee ($10 for members, $15 for non-members. Additional fees are per session.).  

If you attended the 19th Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, you have access to all of the recordings free of charge. If you would like to receive credit for a session you didn't attend you will need to purchase the post-test.


Course Credits
Holistic Approaches & Management Strategies for Pelvic Pain 3.5 CE, 1.5 Rx (NCC Code 2A)
Chronic Diseases in Women: Management Before, During, and Between Pregnancies 3.5 CE, 2 Rx (NCC Code 2C)
Bringing Healthcare to the Mountains of Appalachia 0.8 CE (NCC Code 5)
Emerging Infections in Women 0.8 CE, 0.5 Rx (NCC Code 2A)
Culinary Medicine and the Future of Food in Healthcare 0.8 CE (NCC Code 1)
Patient Counseling: Dispelling myths and misconceptions, improving the patient-clinician dialogue, and helping patients select the most effective form of contraception 1.5 CE, 0.5 Rx (NCC Code 1)
Contraception: Where are We Now and Where are We Going? 0.8 CE, 0.8 Rx (NCC Code 1)
The Vulvar Whisperer 0.8 CE, 0.5 Rx (NCC Code 2A)
Opioid Crisis in Women Across the Lifespan 0.8 CE, 0.8 Rx (NCC Code 4)
Bone Densitometry: Performance, Interpretation, and Clinical Application 1.5 CE, 0.5 Rx (NCC Code 3)
A. Advanced Colposcopy Case Studies 1.25 CE (NCC Code 3)
B. Perinatal Care for Women with Disabilities: Clinical Update 0.6 CE (NCC Code 2B)
C. Is It Your Mate or Your Medicine: Medicines that Impact Sexuality 1.25 CE, 1.25 Rx (NCC Code 4)
D. It's Not Okay to PUQE: Managing Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy 1.25 CE, 1.25 Rx (NCC Code 2B)
E. Care and Management of the Transgender Patient in the Primary Care Setting 1.25 CE, 1.25 Rx (NCC Code 2C)
F. Understanding the Practice of High Resolution Anoscopy: A Primer for Women's Health Care Providers 1.25 CE (NCC Code 3)
G. When Breast Cancer Survivors Return to Gynecological Care 1.25 CE (NCC Code 2A)
H. What's New in POF? Or is it POI? Ovarian Failure by Any Name 0.6 CE (NCC Code 2A)
I. Autoimmune Disorders: The Role of the NP in Management 1.25 CE, 0.5 Rx (NCC Code 2C)
J. Maternal Mental Health: Risk Assessment and Intervention Before, During, and After Pregnancy 1.25 CE (NCC Code 2B)
K. A Framework for Evaluating Recurrent Vulvovaginal Complaints 1.25 CE, 1.25 Rx (NCC Code 2A)
L. Prescribing in Pregnancy & Lactation: The New FDA System 1.25 CE, 1.25 Rx (NCC Code 4)
M. Cardiovascular Health in Women 1.25 CE, 0.5 Rx (NCC Code 2C)
O. What Women's Health Nurse Practitioners Need to Know About FASD 1.25 CE, 0.5 Rx (NCC Code 2B)
P. Human Trafficking- An Issue of Health, Rights, and Justice: What Can We Do From the Clinical Setting? 1.25 CE (NCC Code 5)
Q. Where's the Bathroom & Other Urgent Women's Primary Care Health Issues after 60 1.25 CE (NCC Code 2A)
R. Nutrition in Pregnancy 1.25 CE, 1.25 Rx (NCC Code 1)
S. Thyroid Disease in Women 1.25 CE, 0.5 Rx (NCC Code 2C)
T. Abnormal Uterine Bleeding 1.25 CE, 0.75 Rx (NCC Code 2A)
Collaboration in Practice: Guiding Principles for an Equitable Approach to Team Based Care 0.8 CE (NCC Code 5)
BRCA and Beyond: The Contribution of Genetics and Gynecological Cancer 0.8 CE (NCC Code 3)
E-Cigs and Vape Pens and Hookahs, Oh My! Following the Yellow Brick Road of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems 0.8 CE, 0.8 Rx (NCC Code 1)
Educate the Educators II 3 CE (NCC Code 2A)
H. Sweat Not: Staying Cool without Hormones 0.6 CE, 0.3 Rx (NCC Code 1)
B. Counseling the Not So Normal OB Sonogram Results 0.6 CE (NCC Code 2B)
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