21st Annual NPWH Premier Women's Healthcare Conference

21st Annual NPWH Premier Women's Healthcare Conference

This curriculum contains the recorded sessions from the 21st Annual NPWH Conference, October 10-13, 2018, San Antonio, Texas

Through the links below, you can purchase individual sessions (which include CE credit) or the entire conference (which does not include CE credit). If you choose to purchase the entire conference, you will only be able to view all of the sessions; to receive CE credit for any of the sessions, you will need to purchase the post-test for that session for an additional fee ($10 for members, $15 for non-members. Additional fees are per session.).  

If you attended the 21st Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas, you have access to all of the recordings free of charge. If you would like to receive credit for a session you didn't attend you will need to purchase the post-test.


Course Credits
Sexual Health (18-04-01) 3.5 CE, 1.5 Rx (NCC Code 1)
Medical Marijuana in Women's Health: The Stakes are Getting Higher (18-04-03) 0.75 CE, 0.75 Rx (NCC Code 4)
Breast Density: Supplemental Imaging and Management (18-04-04) 1.5 CE
Maternal Mortality: Causes and Prevention (18-04-05) 0.75 CE (NCC Code 2B)
Clinical Management of Dilemmas in Contraception (18-04-06) 0.75 CE (NCC Code 2A)
Impact of Pregnancy and Long Term Women's Health (18-04-07) 0.75 CE (NCC Code 1)
Public Health: Responding to the Opioid Epidemic (18-04-08) 0.5 CE (NCC Code 2C)
A. Pregnant and No Platelets (18-04-10) 1.25 CE, 0.5 Rx (NCC Code 2B)
B. Colposcopy Case Studies (18-04-11) 1.25 CE (NCC Code 3)
C. Bacterial Vaginosis (18-04-12) 1.25 CE, 0.5 Rx (NCC Code 2A)
D. WHNP as Hospitalists? A Not-So-New Emerging Role (18-04-13) 1.25 CE (NCC Code 5)
E. Hypertension Guideline: Focus on CVD Risk Reduction (18-04-14) 1.25 CE, 1.25 Rx (NCC Code 4)
F. New Strategies in the Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy (18-04-15) 1.25 CE, 0.5 Rx (NCC Code 2C)
G. What is This? Cutaneous/Updates on STI (18-04-16) 1.25 CE, 0.5 Rx (NCC Code 2A)
H. Nurses Step up to the Plate: Take Action on Issues Relating to Health and Environmental Exposures (18-04-17) 1.25 CE (NCC Code 2C)
K. Promoting Safe Motherhood: Preventing and Managing Postpartum Hemorrhage (18-04-19) 1.25 CE (NCC Code 2B)
L. The Evolving Well Woman Visit (18-04-20) 1.25 CE (NCC Code 1)
M. Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: Clinical Management and Challenges (18-04-21) 1.25 CE, 0.5 Rx (NCC Code 2C)
N. Rethinking Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines in an Aging US Population (18-04-22) 0.75 CE (NCC Code 2A)
O. Key Issues in Women's Health Policy (18-04-23) 1.25 CE (NCC Code 5)
P. 40 Tips for 40 Weeks: Update in Perinatal Care (18-04-24) 1 CE (NCC Code 1)
Q. Pessary Use Simplified: A New Look at an Old Device (18-04-25) 1.25 CE (NCC Code 2A)
R. Attacking the #1 Cancer Killer of Women: Lung Cancer Screening and Tobacco Treatment (18-04-26) 1.25 CE, 1.25 Rx (NCC Code 2C)
S. Menstrual Policies - Disparities and Demystifying (18-04-27) 1.25 CE (NCC Code 5)
T. Screening, Identification, Treatment, and Referral of Female Victims of Human Trafficking in a Primary Care Setting (18-04-28) 1.25 CE (NCC Code 2A)
U. The Milky Way: Breastfeeding Cases (18-04-29) 1.25 CE (NCC Code 1)
W. Men's Sexual Health: What WHNPs Need to Know (18-04-30) 1.25 CE (NCC Code 2A)
X. Clinical Presentations: Postpartum Strong - From the Inside Out (18-04-31) 0.6 CE (NCC Code 1)
X. Clinical Presentations - The Benefits of Yoga for Pregnancy and Postpartum (18-04-32) 0.6 CE (NCC Code 1)
Y. Clinical Presentations - #MeToo Movement (18-04-33) 0.6 CE (NCC Code 2A)
Y. Clinical Presentations - Case Studies in Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention (18-04-34) 0.6 CE (NCC Code 2A)
You Can Do It! How to Provide Gender-Affirming Care for your Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Patients (18-04-35) 3 CE (NCC Code 2A)
An Innovative Approach to the Diagnosis & Management of Pelvic Health Problems - the NP Way! (18-04-36) 3 CE (NCC Code 2A)
Where Professional Development Can Take You - Exploring Opportunities (18-04-37) 3 CE (NCC Code 5)
Patient- Centered Treatment Strategies for Uterine Fibroids: Assessing all the Options as Part of Comprehensive Care (18-04-09) 1.5 CE, 0.5 Rx (NCC Code 2A)
Insomnia (18-04-18) 0.75 CE (NCC Code 2C)
Non-Member/Inactive Member Student Member
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